Posted by James Brown | April 08, 2024

Skincare Retreat: Creating a Spa-like Experience at Home

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Do you ever find yourself wondering how to have a spa day at home? If so, that means you’re overdue for some well-deserved you time! Taking a day trip to the local spa isn’t always practical, and anyway, pampering yourself from the comfort of your home can be even more relaxing than going out.

The best part about knowing how to do a spa day at home is that you can make a once-in-a-while occasion an everyday lifestyle. After all, self-care should be a habit, not a rare treat! Of course, you might not be able to go all out all day every day, but down time can turn into blissful moments once you learn how to have a spa day at home. 

Here’s your go-to guide to transforming a day at home into a luxurious, self-nurturing, spa-like experience.

1. Set the Mood

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First things first. Your surroundings affect how you feel, so start by creating an ambiance that inspires a sense of serene tranquility. Remove any clutter and do a little bit of cleaning (if you feel like it!). Dim the lights and light a few candles. Put on soothing music. Adjust the temperature. Make your space feel special.

2. Plan Ahead

Before your spa day begins, remove clutter from your mind, too. If you have errands to run, phone calls to make, emails to send, or any other obligations, take care of them. A big part of knowing how to have a spa day at home is simply giving your mind the freedom to relax.

In this prep phase, you can make or order food and drinks so you don’t have to do any work later. If you’d prefer to enjoy the day with a friend, make plans in advance. The goal is to remove all obstacles so you’re set up for smooth sailing throughout the entire experience. 

Part of mastering the art of learning how to do a spa day at home is planning ahead, so you may want to take care of things the day before, if possible. That said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with an impromptu spa day, so don’t worry if you’re not able to check everything off the list. 

3. Soak in the Tub

A woman reading a book in a bathtub

Whether you’re just figuring out how to have a spa day at home or a seasoned pro, one thing’s for sure—the best spa days begin with a long bath! 

An ordinary bath simply won’t do, so make sure you have Lea Black Beauty® Natural Youth® 25mg CBD Soothing Lavender Bath Treatment on hand. The soothing scent of lavender combined with the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD will give you the full five-star treatment you deserve. 

4. Get Comfy

Now that you’re feeling clean and serene, it’s time to get cozy. A bathrobe is the classic spa attire, but some pajamas, sweats, or even just a towel will work, too. 

5. Pamper Yourself

A woman wearing a white robe applying face cream

If you really want to discover how to have a spa day at home, you need to have some luxurious skincare products ready for the occasion. The best spa days combine beauty and wellness, and skincare is a huge part of both. 

Of course, your usual daily skincare routine is a great starting point, but we’re teaching you how to do a spa day at home here! Lea Black Beauty® Sudden Youth® Lift Complete Facial Treatment is the ultimate spa day essential—it’s our “instant facelift” treatment that tones and tightens skin in under 10 minutes.

Here are some other products that would be perfect to have on hand as you discover how to have a spa day at home:

6. Unwind Your Mind

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By now, you should be feeling pretty amazing! If you want to hit the couch and binge-watch a show, by all means, this is your day! However, we recommend taking the opportunity to reflect and relax emotionally and mentally, too. Meditation and yoga are both wonderful ways to achieve a blissful sense of inner peace.

Prepare for Your Spa Day Today

Remember what we said in step 2? Planning ahead is an important part of learning how to have a spa day at home. Plant a seed today that grows into a tree tomorrow. Order your beauty products now so they’ll be waiting for you anytime you want to treat yourself.

The best part of knowing how to do a spa day at home is that you can incorporate these steps into your daily routine. With our luxurious products, every day’s a spa day! 

We recommend choosing one of our Beauty Bundles so you can get the full Lea Black Beauty® experience at a value price. The Lea Black Beauty® Ultimate Skincare Collection comes with everything you need to enjoy spa-like self-care anytime the mood hits. 

Now that you know how to have a spa day at home, clear your calendar and give yourself a world-class spa day without ever walking out your front door. Shop now!

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