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Aging Gracefully: The Anti-Aging Benefits of CBD in Skincare

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Until we discover the fountain of youth, CBD skin benefits may just be the next best thing! In-the-know beauty and skincare enthusiasts use hemp oil for wrinkles, fine lines, inflammation, dryness, sagging, and all sorts of other age-related issues, as well as a broad spectrum of skin conditions, like breakouts, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea, just to name a few. 

If you’re on the quest to find your anti-aging holy grail, it’s time to experience the natural power of our premium CBD skincare products! Backed by science and clinically proven results, our proprietary, CBD-infused formulas are changing the game in a big way. 

Here’s a look at the most prevalent visible signs of aging skin and the CBD skin benefits that have been shown to be effective solutions. 

1. Eliminates Causes of Inflammation

Inflammation can be a good thing—it signals the body to heal—but like most good things in life, too much is a problem. Chronic inflammation is linked to many conditions throughout the body, including its largest organ: your skin! Chronic inflammation can take on many forms, including redness, rashes, and itching, among others. It can also damage local tissue and accelerate cellular aging, leading to wrinkles.

So, why do so many people use hemp oil for wrinkles and other inflammation-related conditions? Because it works! Studies have shown that one of the many CBD skin benefits is the inhibition of T cell production and the induction of T cell apoptosis, which reduces pro-inflammatory cytokine levels. That’s a fancy way of saying CBD stops inflammation-causing bad stuff in their tracks!

2. Stimulates Production of Skin Proteins

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As we age, our bodies naturally slow down—they deserve a break! That means you’re producing less collagen and elastin, which are proteins that help to make your skin more resilient, tight, and firm so it “snaps” back to place if you pull it. Less of these proteins can lead to loose, thin, and sagging skin and fine lines and wrinkles.

Another one of the many CBD skin benefits is the stimulation of collagen and elastin production. In other words, CBD gives your body a little extra encouragement to make more of those proteins that have been scientifically proven to keep your skin healthier and looking youthful.

3. Protects From Environmental Stressors

There’s no way around it—we’re constantly surrounded by microscopic, inflammation-causing nuisances, from pollution to pathogens. CBD is packed with potent antioxidants that have been shown to combat free radicals and other environmental aggressors that cause visible signs of aging. Applying hemp oil for wrinkles as part of a daily routine is a simple way to fight back!

Replenishing antioxidant levels may reduce oxidative stress (too many oxidants in your body). This is one of the most important CBD skin benefits because oxidative stress has been shown to cause many problems, including inflammation, wrinkles, dryness, and flaccidity, as well as skin barrier and cell dysfunction, collagen fragmentation, and potentially serious skin diseases. 

4. Delivers Deep Hydration

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CBD is derived from hemp plants which are rich in fatty acids that can provide powerful moisturization, balance oil production, and strengthen the skin barrier. Additionally, clinical studies have shown that CBD may increase levels of aquaporin-3, which is a protein that transports water and other liquids throughout the body, preventing water loss so your skin stays hydrated.

5. Increased Blood Flow

Studies have shown that vasorelaxation is another one of many CBD skin benefits. Vasorelaxation means the reduction of tension in the blood vessels. Tense blood vessels can reduce blood flow, leading to increased pressure in the arteries, which may cause inflammation and other skin conditions. And better flood flow means your skin can receive the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Experience Proven Results 

Whether you’re planning to use hemp oil for wrinkles, inflammation, dryness, or one of the many other visible aging conditions CBD has been shown to target, you’ve come to the right place! Lea Black Beauty® is leading the industry with both CBD and non-CBD skincare products lovingly made with the finest clean, raw ingredients ethically sourced from all around the globe.

If these CBD skin benefits sound appealing to you, treat yourself to Lea Black Beauty® CBD products! Our CBD Skincare Bundle is a fantastic introduction to the CBD skincare movement, and you can get your hands on some of our most popular products at a special value price. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, so shop with confidence.

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