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Sudden Youth 30 Day Cleanse Program

Sudden Youth 30 Day Cleanse Program

Sudden Youth 30 Day Cleanse Program

I’ve created a simple 30-day cleanse program to help promote personal wellness, serenity, purity, and remove toxic negativity during these trying times.

Serenity + Purity – Negativity = The New You!

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Day 1:

Start a journal. Your journal can be as simple as a spiral notebook or a 3-ring binder to add pages. You will use your journal every day. Leave a page or two between each day so you can add as you go along.

Make a 30-day self-evaluation chart on page one of your journal. Take a full length “before” photo of yourself. Each day, plan to keep a record of self-evaluation and rate yourself on a scale from 1-5 (with 5 being your goal) on the following: Daily Personal Inventory, Energy, Sleep, Exercise, Food Intake, Mood. To improve your rating number, gradually pledge to do the following: “I promise to purge the toxic things out of my life, including the things that slow me down, get in my way and zap my energy. I will stay away from things that do not empower me.”

This pledge has nothing to do with food. Examples could include:

– Cutting ties with someone who is a negative force in your life.

– Decide to move on from the job or career you have hated that is dragging you down.

– Clean and organize your surroundings by throwing out all the junk that clutters your life.

You will notice as you consistently implement your 30-Day Cleanse, your self-evaluation will go up. Close day one by taking a moment for yourself and affirm: “Today is the first day that I will consciously create for myself the life I have always wanted to live, and I will do it one day at a time.

Day 2:

Splurge, do something that you truly enjoy. Do not feel guilty about your actions. Celebrate & enjoy.

Examples may include:

– Eat two cupcakes – happy food, start off with fun!

– Sleep late.

– Read a book.

– Do yoga. 

– Binge watch your favorite TV shows or stream a few movies.

At the end of day two, make a list or chart in your journal of how you spent your self-indulgent day and the effect it has had on your personal spiritual being.

Day 3:

Make a list in your journal of all the things in your life that you would like to change or stop doing. Create your list to be as long, comprehensive and frivolous as you would like.

Start with this category: BODY


– Lose 10 lbs.

– Use less sugars and sweeteners.

– Abstain from sodas or alcoholic beverages.

– Stop smoking or vaping.

Start improving yourself by using the Lea Black Beauty Skincare collection or your skincare products. At a minimum, wash your face with the Lea Black Beauty Daily Face Wash and then apply the luxurious Lea Black Beauty Anti-Aging Serum with 250mg of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD. Complete your “mini-facial” with the Lea Black Beauty CBD Daily Face Moisturizer or product of your choice.

Day 4:

Continue to make your list in your journal. Today, add a “Spirit” category. The Spirit category will help you determine what you are going to do to heal your soul.

Category: SPIRIT


– Read a self-help motivational book on a subject you always wanted to know more about or feel you need to address. 

– Pray or meditate.

– Make a list of all of the resentments you have been harboring. 

– Make a list of your regrets. Go back as far as you can remember.

You do not have to do anything with the lists now but write down all your thoughts, every last serious and ridiculous one of them. “Lift” your spirits at the end of the day and treat yourself to something special to improve yourself, like the premixed Sudden Youth Complete Lift Non-Surgical Facial Treatment.

Day 5:

Relationships & Communications

Freedom and relief often accompany apologies and open communication. Joy accompanies giving thanks.

Create a list of who it is you want to apologize to in your journal. Do not take action yet. Just write the names down in your journal.  

Day 6

Organize. Make a list of all the physical areas of your life that you want to organize. Allow yourself to declutter your life to make room for new and exciting things. 


– Organize your personal files.

– Organize your shoes or clothes closet.

– Organize your desk and workspace.

– Organize your living space.

– Organize your cosmetics, beauty and skincare products.

Remember, you are not acting on your lists yet. You are just writing them down for now. Leave extra pages after Day 6 in your journal for future lists.

Day 7:

Celebrate and reward yourself! You have set the groundwork for the 30 – Day Cleanse.

Celebrate by doing things that will make you happy.  

Examples may include:

– Order food from your favorite restaurant.

– Watch your favorite TV show or movie.

– Exercise or do yoga. 

– Treat yourself to something that you usually would not.


Day 8:

Review all your lists and set your goals. 

Break them into three groups:

Short Term (90 days)


– Exercise 3x a week to lose weight

– Declutter your life and become organized.

– Work on a personal relationship.

– Improve your overall skin’s health and appearance

Intermediate (1-2 years)


– Set and reach a financial goal, get out of debt, or increase your savings plan.

– Create the body and healthy appearance you desire.

Long Term (5 years)

This is your “wish list.” Do not concern yourself with whether you will accomplish any of them. The point is to put them out there – into the universe. Only then can they be achieved.

Day 9:

Give thanks. Make a list of all the things you have to give thanks for – past and present.


– Give thanks for your health.

– Give thanks for your family and friends.

– Give thanks for your talents.

Be specific and definitive. The longer the list is, the more complete and joyful your life will become. Take note of your health and well-being by meditating or giving yourself a relaxing skincare facial. Devote yourself to putting more time into your inner and outer beauty, which require attention and awareness.

Day 10

Make a Lifetime Achievement Board. Some people call this a visualization or idea board. Start on it now and add to it daily throughout the 30 days.

Keep it simple. Start with a large poster board. Cut and paste photos, magazines or newspaper articles or headlines to the board. Put everything on this board that inspires you or that you want your life to be.


– Photos of fitness goals.

– The car or house you desire.

– Vacation destinations.

Put your heart and soul into making this board. Keep it where you can see it as often as possible. The key to success is to VISUALIZE! Take notice. Do you feel a little “lighter” or “free” now? If not, don’t worry. You will. Make the feeling of ease and lightness your intention.


Days 11-15

Day 11:

You may not be able to change your habits all at once, but start to incorporate ten daily “musts.” Even if you only add one or two things a day or a week, you will feel, see, and experience a difference in your life. Here are my top ten “musts.”

  1. Have a large cup of warm lemon juice and water the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Lemon juice is a natural cleanser and detoxifier. Make sure to drink eight glasses of water every day.
  2. Start a daily and weekend skin regiment. Spend as much time cleansing, conditioning, and caring for your skin as you do while applying makeup. The Lea Black Beauty Skincare Collection contains premium products to help you achieve this goal. Make it a way of life and enjoy the benefits and feel the difference in your skin and skin tone immediately.
  3. Wear sunscreen, and be sure to cover your chest, arms, and hands. This is non-negotiable if you desire supple, healthy, and youthful skin.
  4. Make it a habit to eat two servings of fresh fruit and vegetables and a cup of oatmeal each day. These foods pack potent antioxidants and proteins that aid in creating a beautiful complexion.
  5. Drink Green Tea. Green tea is a delicious natural antioxidant and immune booster.
  6. Take a daily multivitamin and be sure to get 25 grams of fiber a day. Vitamin D is essential if you are staying out of the sun, and you can increase your fiber intake by eating brown rice.
  7. Eliminate sugar from your life. Use an all-natural substitute sweetener like Monk Fruit juice or an artificial sweetener like Stevia.
  8. Do deep, concentrated breathing. You can do this while driving, exercising, and meditating or while working at your desk on the computer. A few minutes of controlled deep breathing daily has shown to help eliminate stress and calm nerves.
  9. Write it down! Organize your life. Own a daily planner and use it! Keep it up to date with your daily activities and tasks. Be sure your planner has extra pages to write notes, ideas, and goals for your lists.
  10. Exercise, stretch, and meditate. Even if it is 20 minutes of walking, jogging, or dancing. It is vital to stretch your body, even if it is for only five minutes. Flexibility is key to maintaining youthfulness.

Day 12:

You have accomplished so much in your short journey.

You have worked on your body, your mind, and your spirit.

Today is the day to implement as many of the top ten daily musts from Day 11 as possible.

Observe how you feel and how quick and easy it has become to work these daily routines into your life.

Day 13:

Accomplishment. Enjoy this day, and take a break.

In life, there is always a time when nothing at all is the right thing to do. 

If there is “never” a time for you to relax and simply collect your thoughts? Then make today that time. You will make up for it on another day by being fresh and rejuvenated.

Devoting time to yourself and your skin is essential. I call this my “do nothing day” and treat myself to a Sudden Youth Lift Complete Facial at home. Take thirty minutes and relax while doing something good for you. 

Day 14:

Write down all things in your life that may have been put aside. What do you need to catch up on in your life or at work? If you are caught up, start a list of goals and projects you wish to get started.

Make a list today of what is stopping you or holding you back from reaching your purpose. 

Now make a list of accomplishments you are most proud of in your life. This can include being a great father, mother or friend, a great executive, or a good cook. Celebrate yourself and leave extra pages after Day 14 in your journal. This will be a work in progress. 

Day 15:

Family. Reflect on the family today – everything good and bad. If there are unresolved family conflicts, make it your priority to resolve them by making a phone call or writing a note addressing the conflict. Take the first step to fix it today. 

Communicate with your loved ones. Put the past behind you. If there is someone you need to thank or appreciate – do it today!

Say the words “I love you” today and mean it.


Days 16-20

Day 16:

Prioritize. Go through your 30-Day Cleanse journal from day one with your highlighter. Highlight the objectives and actions listed that will help you meet your goals and help you reach your purpose.

Read everything you have written and notice the emotional tone of your words as you read. Do some of these ideas or thoughts weigh you down and make you feel sad, or do they lift and empower you?

If something weighs you down or makes you sad, wouldn’t it be worth doing whatever it takes to find resolution and get it off your list? Utilize your highlighter to prioritize the things you want to implement or handle this week. 

Day 17:

Start your “Someday/Maybe” file. Read your 30-Day Cleanse journal and put a star by the actions or objectives you wish to get done or wish you had time to do but can’t or won’t accomplish right away. List these goals into what I call a “Someday/Maybe” file. 

I love my “Someday/Maybe” file. I read this file every so often. It’s incredible how many of the actions and goals in the file that I eventually complete because I simply wrote them down. 

Reread your 30-Day Cleanse journal and separate the things you “dread” and add them to a “Dread” file. 

Day 18:

Review your actions. Are you implementing the ten daily musts outlined on Day 11

Are you visualizing yourself and changing your habits? 

Have you completed your lifetime achievement or vision board? 

Are you adding to all of your lists? 

Are you achieving the actions on your lists? 

Do your charts and this review show improvement and progress towards your purpose? 

Have you noticed a pattern? 

Today is the day to take responsibility for your beauty, inside and out, responsibility for your life and future.

Day 19:

If you are in a relationship, make today a fantastic romantic day. If you are not in a relationship, write down what you want in a relationship and be sure you put a photo of it on your visualization board. 

If you are in a relationship that is spiritually or emotionally unhealthy, today is the day to communicate all those issues you find yourself thinking about repeatedly. You can only get out of a relationship what you put into it. If you are not in a relationship, you will only have one if you are open to it. Declare you are open to it and seeking a fulfilling personal relationship. Today is the day to realize what is stopping you and limiting your intimacy.

Day 20:

Life is special. Enjoy, relax, reflect, and celebrate your life and yourself.

You are only ten days away from completing the cleanse journey.

You have started the path to become a whole new you.


Days 21-25

Day 21:

Grieve and celebrate life. We all miss someone. Today is the day to think and reflect on the family, friends, or pets you miss. Visualize their spirit and feel their energy surround you. Go ahead and have a good cry. It’s an excellent release for the body and mind.

Say all those things you wish you had said when they were here. Communicate your love and passions. Get it all off your chest. These actions will help put the past in the past, creating a space to build a future designed by you.

The goal is not to forget these loved ones but to celebrate the meaning and significance they brought to your life. Going through the eye of this needle is not easy, but it is necessary to get to the other side, unburdened by sadness or pain. Today may not take away the pain, but it will ease your spirit and help you get to the positive emotions found through celebrating life.

Day 22:

Contemplate. Now that you have followed the 30-Day-Cleanse for three weeks, you may have had a revelation or change in attitude and appearance. Review your mood chart and gauge your spiritual growth. What changes do you notice? In what areas must you focus? Where will you improve your life? Review your lists. What do you want to add, remove, or change within the lists?

These are the first thirty days of the rest of your life. Self-reflect and determine what you will do now, what you will accomplish someday and what you will never do. Be honest with yourself! You get to choose your life. Choose freely. Make a conscious choice, even if it is not choosing anything. Your choice is now powerful. What is not OK is to carry around baggage and pretending you will change something. Check this baggage in the “Dread” file or your trashcan. Do not carry it around in your daily life. Do not let this negativity take up the valuable space needed to create and design the life you want to live.

Day 23:

Promise to yourself that you will not let the outside world dictate your decisions or your passions. Answer only to your higher purpose today. The activities you participate in are only those that ultimately add value and meaning to your life.

Consider the success of your toxicity fast. Are you still allowing negative energy and the people that provide this energy to affect your actions? Are you avoiding foods or substances that detract from your health and appearance?

You have the internal strength to close off the negativity that surrounds you. Release that negativity and relax with a Sudden Youth Complete Lift Facial Mask or massage some 1000mg Natural Cannabis Sativa Sudden Youth Anti-Aging Nourishing CBD Oil into areas that feel tense and calm your inner self.

Day 24:

Your inner and outer beauty depends on collecting your thoughts and centering your body, soul, and mind. 

What will you leave on your daily chart that you will measure and report every day? Which of the ten daily musts will you begin to utilize every day? What lists will you complete, and when will you complete them? Today is the day to choose and decide how you want to live your life. Set your priorities and how you plan to spend your time.

Do you want to change anything on your goal list? Now is the time to choose and decide.

Day 25:

Give thanks. “Thank you” is your multiplying power. Give thanks for the awareness that you are comfortable being the person you are. Give thanks for the understanding and strength required to become the architect of your best life. Thank yourself for the willingness to be kind and recognize your self-worth. 

Call and thank all the people who are important to you and contribute to your everyday life. Send thank you cards if for nothing more than just to say, “Thank you for all that you have brought to my life.” 


Days 26-30

Day 26:

Today is an at-home spa day! Treat yourself to a day of self-pampering.  Give yourself a manicure, pedicure, reflexology massage, or beauty treatment. You can also schedule this at your favorite salon or local business if feasible and applicable at this time. Let today become your outward expression of gratitude made to yourself. If you cannot do it today, mark a day on your calendar soon and schedule your spa day. Give yourself a great facial before heading off to the spa for a mani-pedi. Prefer to stay at home? The complete Lea Black Beauty Premium skincare collection is an excellent assortment of products to give you that salon or spa skincare treatment at home.

Day 27:

Share. Begin to think of people in your life that you believe would benefit from this 30-Day-Cleanse. Has the cleanse made a difference for you? If so, with whom do you want to share the cleanse? It has long been said that “Sharing is Caring.” You now have the ability and time in your life to share and care. You have replaced negatives with positives and resentments with resolutions. Is there someone in your life that can benefit from this?

Day 28:


Affirm: “I forgive everyone, and everyone forgives me.”

Write down all the names of the people you need to forgive. Not because they deserve it, but because you and your spirit deserve it. You can speak your forgiveness, write it, communicate it, think it’s, or just live it. Even if you do not share it with the person, you should experience it. Speak your peace and let it go. 

Forgive the people who have affected you in your own way.  Grow from the experience and move towards your higher purpose. 

Day 29:

Sacrifice. Utilize today to read back over your journal, reflect on your experience with your cleanse, and decide what sacrifices you are willing to make to further your purpose. Will you give up that wasted hour of gossip on the phone to exercise or complete one of your lists? Will you give up that extra 5 minutes of sleep to spend time preparing what you plan to accomplish the next day? Will you go through being uncomfortable for a few moments to resolve a conflict? Decide what you can sacrifice to be able to achieve your goals.

Day 30:

Take your after photo. Reflect, commit, devote. Read your journal and all of your lists one last time. Make a conscious effort to discipline yourself to achieve the goals you have set, ultimately reaching your higher purpose. 

Do not leave your plan to chance or left unfulfilled. Adding items to your list and never accomplishing those items only adds to the baggage you planned to remove. Be realistic. Don’t ask more of yourself than you are willing or permitted to do with narrow time constraints. It is your life, and it is your decision to make the necessary changes to achieve beauty inside and out. Perhaps you thought such beauty was reserved for others period now you know you too can possess that inner glow inherent in a beautiful personality and gorgeous skin. 

Beauty is a matter of your intention, your commitment, and your discipline. One day when you look in the mirror, you will say to yourself, “So that’s the inner and outer beauty, and glow I have dreamed about! Dreams really can come true.”

Congratulations. Be proud of yourself.

I am proud of you!!

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