About Lea Black

This Texas native and Miami/LA resident is a public figure, reality personality, published author, mom, wife, charity fundraiser, and beauty and skincare businesswoman.

Lea Black’s business focus for more than twenty years has at its core the health, beauty, fitness, and wellness of women and men everywhere. She had an unparalleled track record of success in developing and marketing beauty products before she married and started a family in the ’90s. Her previous beauty company had offices worldwide with global distribution of over 400 products – including the highly successful “Lea Black Beauty® Sudden Youth® Non-Surgical Facelift Kit Mask," which still maintains a strong and loyal consumer demand, and the fragrance “Jazz” which she sold to YSL.

Today, Lea Black Enterprises, LLC distributes skincare products under the Lea Black Skincare®, Lea Black Beauty®, Sudden Youth®, and Natural Youth® brand labels

About Lea Black Beauty

  • After looking at alternatives

    Our journey began in 1985

    People always compliment me on my skin, so here’s the story. I created Lea Black Skincare® and Sudden Youth® Skincare as a basic regimen that started it all. I have updated the Lea Black Beauty® product line to include the latest in CBD skincare. Natural Youth® bath and body products are my most recent additions to the Lea Black Skincare® family.

  • Simple skincare made just for you

    Designed to be the best

    Throughout the years, The Lea Black Beauty® Skincare Collection has been updated to include the finest clean, natural raw ingredients, the latest in CBD science currently available, and offers clinically-supported results.

  • Don't take our word for it, take yours!

    Thousands of happy customers worldwide can't be wrong

    If you look at the untouched before and after photos and testimonials from some of our customers, you will see that Lea Black Beauty®  skincare works and is a very simple routine.

    Read what our happy customers have to say.

    Our Lea Black Beauty® products are sourced from the finest raw ingredients worldwide and are made in the USA.

Who is Lea Black?

  • Skincare Line Owner 

    Lea Black has over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, where she has developed many products including the recent launch of her CBD products. She decided to take her knowledge and expertise to craft Lea Black Beauty®. This line was created for effectiveness, purity, and affordability.

  • Contributor

    Lea writes lifestyle and advice columns, contributing to several magazines and websites worldwide. She has provided content to publications such as; Huffington Post, OK Magazine, Haute Living Magazine, Palm Beach Woman, and E! Online.

  • Author

    In addition to contributing to magazines and blogs, she is also a published author. Lea Black’s BookRed Carpet, and White Lies takes readers inside the life of a Miami socialite, Leigh Anatole White. From fundraisers, high society, to scandal, this book has been deemed both entertaining and fun

  • TV Personality

    Lea was one of the original housewives on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives on Miami”.  The show started in 2011, and she was a cast member for the first three seasons. Whenever fans saw her on the show, they were getting the real Lea!

    “I think if you sign on for a reality show, that should be your code of ethics and your code of conduct. That’s part of the deal. That’s expected of you. That’s your ethical and business responsibility. And so I do that. That’s how I would run my business, how I would run my charity, and how I live my life.” Lea was quoted as saying.

    She also appeared several times on Jeff Lewis’s Flipping Out, another Bravo show that took fans into the life of Lewis buying homes, renovating, and selling for a profit.

  • Podcast Host

    Lea is a regular guest on Jeff Lewi Live’s radio show on SiriusXM. She also hosted her own podcast and web series, Lunch With Lea Black. Her podcast covered topics from trends in fashion, and celebrity news, to social issues and politics.

  • Non-Profit Founder and Philanthropist

    Lea Black started The Consequences Charity to empower at-risk youth through education, after-school activities, counseling, and intervention. The organization works to support transformational learning in the form of prevention and intervention, instead of incarceration.

    Lea and her husband, Roy, hosted a celebrity-filled charity event each year until 2018 known as The Blacks' Annual Gala. Over many years, this event raised over $20 million dollars that helped at risk youth and provided education scholarships for the youth involved in the non-profit.


  • Game Changer!

    Game changer! I was not expecting much from my order. At age 47, trying another new product, clearly, nothing I’ve ever used had met the claims made. After 3 days, I could tell I would be a loyal customer. I’m doing my own before and after pics with my hands and décolletage! I wrote that a little over a year ag...Read More

    Jennifer K.
  • #1 Skincare Customer

    I just wanted to let you know that I have been gathering the Lea Black Beauty® products every time I get a chance to listen to Jeff Lewis Live. It has taken a few orders, but I started using them last night and this morning. They make my skin feel so good. This morning I stopped at a gas station to buy bottled water, and a complete stranger told m... Read More

    Kerri S.
  • Great CBD Products!

    I started using your CBD eye cream after hearing you on Jeff Lewis. You’re a doll! After that, I got the serum and most recently the Beauty Box bundle of the oil & face lift mask. Phenomenal! The eye cream reduced puffiness, the serum fixed redness, and the oil eliminated ALL the crepe skin below my eyes from side sleeping. I used the mask las...Read More

    Heather L.
  • People.com

    “Former Real Housewives of MiamiStar Lea Black Weighs in on Peacock Reboot, Casting Speculation”

  • Know How

    "Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves."

  • US Magazine

    "Lea, who was a full-time cast member during all three seasons, returned to Bravo for several episodes of Flipping Out in 2017 and 2018."

  • Wisdom in Beauty

    "She’s no stranger to the skincare game as she’s had a solid hand in the beauty industry for over 20 years and has developed 400 products, including the launch of Lea Black Beauty."