Posted by Hailey Wright Mar 15, 2022

3 Great Skincare Tips From Celebrity Beauty Professionals For Everyone

3 Great Skincare Tips From Celebrity Beauty Professionals For Everyone

It’s hard not to focus on their glowing complexions when you see a celebrity waltz onto the red carpet. Of course, flawless makeup application plays a significant role. But the basis of a perfect canvas is, of course, healthy skin. And for celebrities, there’s usually a team of top estheticians and derms ready to tend to their skins’ needs. According to beauty and lifestyle website here are three of the top tips and secrets that they share with their clients.


1. Build one habit at a time.
A healthy skin routine is no different than a healthy lifestyle—they’re both meant to be practiced every day. For some clients, this takes some work. There’s definitely a learning curve here. So instead of becoming overwhelmed, start with one question: How much water do you drink every day? Not how much water did you have yesterday or today, but every day. It is essential to stay hydrated to keep your skin healthy. Practice drinking more water every single day. A week later, add another healthy habit or another product to add to your regimen. Slowly but surely a healthy skin routine is built.


2. Find your skin person.
We always encourage people to seek a medical practitioner they can trust for overall health. Or for fitness, a trainer or class instructor. Or for hair, a stylist who knows your hair type and needs. Or for dietary concerns, a nutrition specialist to help answer your questions. So why isn’t there the same focus on the skin? If improving the quality of your skin is a priority, then finding a skincare expert should be on your to-do list. People are building relationships with their ‘skin people.’ People need to find therapists who can take care of them as individuals. As for finding that person, go with your intuition. Do you feel comfortable with this person? Do you feel like this person is listening to your needs?

Of course, having access to facialists in your area at an affordable price range is not a given. If you don’t have access to someone, we recommend finding smart, education-focused professionals (like aestheticians and derms) and following their social media channels. Don’t just follow someone because their skin looks good or you like their “aesthetic”—find someone dedicated to sharing quality information.


3. Not every product is for everyone.
Just because you see a flashy new ingredient or regimen does not mean you should add it to your skincare bucket list. An important lesson to learn is that not everything is for you—and it’s okay to acknowledge that while an item may be beneficial for others, it may not be suitable for you to use. As humans, we tend to want everything on the menu, and not everything is designed for everyone. Often you’ll see people posting videos of what they’ve had done, followed by a bunch of comments saying, I’m going to get that, or I’m going to do that, or I have to try that. However, that product or treatment may not be what’s best for you. Identify your specific needs and build a customized skincare regimen that works with your skin.

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