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CBD Eye Cream & CBD Oil Review

Hello Lea and the entire Lea Black Beauty team,

Too often you might hear from people with complaints, but this is the complete opposite!

I just wanted to thank all of you for not only your incredible products but the ease and efficiency of ordering from the website.

I am a loyal Jeff Lewis Live listener, which is where I learned all about Lea Black Skincare and Beauty…from Jeff and Lea herself. I will admit, it took me a while of consistently hearing Jeff rave about the CBD eye cream, and when the 1st beauty box was announced, I bought it immediately. And boy, am I glad I did, and I kicked myself for not doing it sooner!

This is the first eye cream that I’ve tried that actually works!! (and believe me, I’ve tried so many from “high end” to dermatologist prescribed, and everything in between)

The Sudden Youth Cannabis oil is absolutely to die for!! The exfoliant is gentle, and not one of these products has negatively affected my skin…in fact, just the opposite!

I have received more compliments on my skin in the past few weeks and the melasma around parts of my forehead that I haven’t been able to reduce for over 7 years is fading more and more each day to the point where I barely even see it!

I have also been able to notice a huge difference in lightening under my eyes! My mom and I both come by our darker circles naturally thanks to genetics lol, and when I started to see the changes, I knew I had to order some for her as well.

Within a month of using these products, I have already re-ordered for myself, bought an eye cream for my best friend’s birthday, and bought another eye cream and Sudden Youth Cannabis oil for my mom! My mom has fallen in love with both products and today ordered more for herself!!

So, if anyone can, please tell Lea that yes, the discounts may kill her at first lol, but the quality is so amazing and the results are there, and that is why my mom and I have already become repeat customers! And I know once my best friend starts her eye cream, she will become one as well!

Thank you all again for the life-changing products and just being an all-around great company!

Your “newer”, but now loyal customer,

– Barclay Martin



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