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8 Top Beauty Tips For A Hot Guy Or Girl Summer Using Lea Black Beauty® Skincare

Summer is here; we all want to look our best in the sun. But how do we protect our skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, pollution, and sweat? How do we keep our complexion fresh, hydrated, and radiant? Here are some beauty tips for summer using Lea Black Beauty® Skincare products to help […]

dark circles under eyes

What Causes Dark Circles Under The Eyes? A Dermatologist Explains.

Poets say the eyes are the mirrors of the soul, but there’s more to the eye than the eyeball itself — in fact, a lot can be told from an eye’s surroundings. It can go both ways: A puffy or droopy eye can serve as a tell for somebody who’s been partying loads…or who’s been […]

7 Things That Make You Look Older

7 Things That Make You Look Older

Look younger today by avoiding these fast tracks to aging. Youth may be wasted on the young, but many people who are older can squander a youthful appearance with everyday activities that lead to premature aging. “You can’t change what you were dealt with genetically, but you can take control of other factors which will […]


Sudden Youth Lift Complete Facial Treatment on YouTube

SUDDEN YOUTH LIFT COMPLETE FACIAL TREATMENT The wait is over – no more mixing! Sudden Youth Non-Surgical Face Lift Facial Treatment is here! After many years of research and development, Lea Black Beauty is now able to offer the original revolutionary Sudden Youth Facial Kit as a PREMIXED mask in a ready to use tube. […]

Lea Black Beauty Skincare Premium Hemp CBD Soothing Eye Cream

Premium Hemp CBD Soothing Eye Cream on YouTube

Premium Hemp CBD Soothing Eye Cream Lea Black Beauty’s Premium Hemp CBD Soothing Eye Cream is a proprietary blend of some of the finest and most current ingredients in the beauty industry. A light, silky cream that contains the registered trademark ingredient EYE REGENER®* and CBD*; the Premium Hemp CBD Soothing Eye Cream moisturizes the […]

Lea Black Beauty Skincare CBD Daily Face Moisturizer

CBD Daily Face Moisturizer | Watch on YouTube

The CBD Daily Face Moisturizer is the latest addition to the new Lea Black Beauty CBD skincare collection. It has been developed with the latest and most advanced skincare technology to renew, revive, and strengthen the skin. Used daily, this lightweight concentrated yet ultra-hydrating moisturizing lotion helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and […]

Lea Black Beauty Anti-Aging Face Serum with 250 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD

CBD Anti-Aging Face Serum | Watch on YouTube

CBD Anti-Aging Face Serum The Lea Black Beauty Anti-Aging Face Serum with 250 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD* is part of the latest Lea Black Beauty Skincare collection. Start your skincare regimen with a few drops of this amazing serum applied to your skin before applying the Lea Black Beauty CBD Facial Moisturizer, the […]

Lea Black Beauty 1000mg Natural Cannabis Sativa Sudden Youth Anti-Aging Nourishing Oil Benefits

Sudden Youth CBD Oil | Watch on YouTube

Sudden Youth CBD Oil This powerful cellular restoration and anti-aging oil promotes skin firmness and lift, resulting in fewer wrinkles and fine-line reduction. It encourages a smooth, even-textured glow through a proprietary blend of essential organic oils that also promote retention of the skin’s desired moisture. This unique oil blend nourishes the skin with vitamins, […]

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