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Why Does CBD Change Color?

CBD oil is a popular product that many people use for its potential health benefits. However, some users may notice that their CBD oil changes color over time. Why does this happen, and what does it mean? One possible reason for CBD oil changing color is the type of carrier oil it is mixed with. […]

dark circles under eyes

What Causes Dark Circles Under The Eyes? A Dermatologist Explains.

Poets say the eyes are the mirrors of the soul, but there’s more to the eye than the eyeball itself — in fact, a lot can be told from an eye’s surroundings. It can go both ways: A puffy or droopy eye can serve as a tell for somebody who’s been partying loads…or who’s been […]

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4 Ways CBD Can Help Your Skincare

4 Ways CBD Can Help Your Skincare Your skin is the largest organ in your body and what you put onto it is crucial. You wouldn’t just put anything on your face without knowing the benefits to your skin. You want something like a lotion packed with antioxidants and skin-smoothing ingredients. CBD oil is becoming […]

What are CBD Products

What Are CBD Products?

CBD oil has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Now that Marijuana is legal or medically allowed in most states, more industries have been researching the different components that make up the plant and what benefits they provide. CBD oil has proven to have many valuable properties, and cosmetic and wellness industries have […]

5 Benefits of CBD Oil for Beauty and Skincare

5 Benefits of CBD Oil for Beauty and Skincare

With any new beauty trend, there are bound to be loyal followers and naysayers. When it comes to products containing hemp or CBD oil, there are thousands of myths and conspiracies about these two ingredients’ actual properties. One of the central myths about CBD oil that we can bust right now is that CBD does […]

Lea Black's beauty products with CBD Oil focuses on different skincare concerns.

What Is CBD Oil Good For?

One natural product has been getting alot of attention now more than ever: Cannabidiol (CBD) With more beauty and skincare companies discovering the benefits of this herb, it comes as no surprise that more businesses are following their lead. CBD is one of the most sought-after ingredients in the skincare and cosmetics industry today. From […]

7 Cbd oil for skin myths you didnt know before 2020 Lifestyle | Lea Black Beauty® | CBD Cosmetics

7 Beauty Myths about CBD Oil in 2021

Over the last few years, CBD has become insanely popular and finds its way into all kinds of industries. From CBD beauty companies to restaurants, everyone is getting on the CBD train. However, with all the growth comes plenty of flat-out false information. There are numerous misconceptions about CBD. Here are the top 7 beauty myths about CBD oil […]


Sudden Youth Lift Complete Facial Treatment on YouTube

SUDDEN YOUTH LIFT COMPLETE FACIAL TREATMENT The wait is over – no more mixing! Sudden Youth Non-Surgical Face Lift Facial Treatment is here! After many years of research and development, Lea Black Beauty is now able to offer the original revolutionary Sudden Youth Facial Kit as a PREMIXED mask in a ready to use tube. […]

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