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Get The Glow From The Inside Out

Get The Glow From The Inside Out




Get The Glow From The Inside Out


Getting luminous glowing skin isn’t just about using non-toxic products but also about what you consume on a daily basis. I recently heard a beautiful quote that exemplifies how vital our skin is to our health:”The skin is the window to the entire body”, says Joely Kaufman Janette a professor who studies aging. Your skin will usually signal you that something is amiss. If you have too much candida in the gut for example, you can have acne come up as a signal. Hormonal issues will show up on the chin area, and breakouts along the forehead area is a sign the liver may be clogged.

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To keep skin healthy, alive and juicy all you have to do is eat some delicious treats from Mama Earth! You can easily add  some of these to your morning smoothie, cereal or just to snack on throughout the day.

Lately I have been loving Organic Raw Coconut Meat which I use in my smoothies or even to make raw coconut yogurt (recipe soon).

Coconut we all know by now is a perfect super food for beauty, but the meat doesn’t get as much attention as the oil does. The raw coconut meat from this company, is full of beneficial live enzymes and full of skin beautifying minerals like magnesium, potassium and copper. It calms the nervous system and helps with digestion.

Soaking almonds and walnuts make the nuts easier to digest by removing tannins, and also they activate the enzymes in the nuts. This way all the healthy omegas are released, and can easily add to luminous beauty.

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Hemp Seeds are the super seeds with the perfect combo of high essential fatly acids. More than flax and very rich in vitamin E. They are also chock full of minerals, B vitamins and easily digestible protein. They are perfect as a topping over breakfast oats, or in a smoothie.

Sweet potatoes with their vitamin rich C and D elements help produce collagen and assist  with the skin’s youthful elasticity.

Avocado and blueberries are a must! Blueberries help release toxins from the body and avocados can be used topically as a mask.  Eating avocados help add carotenoids which are what the skin needs to feel toned and dense!

Cacao nibs are full of the antioxidant flavonoid, which helps create collagen and also improve conditions like eczema. I use cacao in a body scrub as well (recipe coming).

After eating like this we will all be glowing wonders!

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